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Trying to find a great game among the ever-growing, seemingly endless number of apps out there can be a discouraging task. Do you ever feel like you have to waste time weeding through several generic, mediocre games before you actually find one that is both made well and in line with your individual tastes? Hooked is here to help.

Hooked is a free app that will help you find the best Android games for you - not just a list of trending games, but carefully calculated personalized recommendations based on your specific interests and activity patterns. The more you use Hooked, the more it learns about your preferences and the better it's able to find games that seem like they were made just for you. It even factors in the games your friends are playing to generate spot-on suggestions for the next game to get hooked on.

Discover new games! Manage all your games in one place! Play games, rate them, and get Hooked!

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Feature #1

Personalized Game Recommendations

Hooked analyzes the games you play to provide daily personalized recommendations for games you'll love.

Feature #2

Personal Dashboard

How many games you have played and how much time you have played each game. Track all your game play statistics

Feature #3


Consolidate valuable phone space by easily accessing all of your downloaded games within the Hooked app.

Feature #4


Community Discovery: Find out what others are playing, what games they like and don't like

Feature #5


Don't like playing alone? Easily share games with your friends or meet new people who share your gaming passion.

Feature #6

Game Queue

Create your own game Queue: Save games in your account to install and play later.


Jin wrote,

"Cool app, i found alot of good free games and the recommendations are pretty accurate. Works well on the Samsung galaxy s ii"

Michael wrote,

"Works great! recommendations are spot on, now I waste less time browsing for games"

Dan wrote,

"The app of the century!! The best app to have. I am way hooked now and I love it."

Sharon wrote,

"Great App! Im hooked on this app! Really love the game recommendations and the app is really well made"

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"Looking for the next "Angry Birds" or "Words with Friends" craze? A new app called Hooked offers Android users game recommendations based on their playing habits and other players' recommendations. Think of it as the Netflix of Android gaming."


"After playing more games and spending more hours then I would like to admit using the app I can honestly say that I'm going to be using this app in the foreseeable future to find games. This is definitely something to add to your collection if you're into mobile gaming."


"Smart game recommendations, has stats for personal gaming habits and ratings"


"I highly recommend Hooked for anyone who loves discovering and downloading new games for Android. It's sure to help you find something new to play."

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