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Mobile app discovery platform with advanced search capabilities and best in class recommendation system to assist users in discovering new games & apps.

– Real-time recommendations
– Explanations and Predictions
– Personalized app trends and bundles
– Intellegent notifications and social sharing
– App Promotion - Cross and Paid


Top Picks for You

Real-time machine-learning platform learns from explicit and implicit feedback. Collection of different algorithms:  similarity, CPI, demographic, clustering. Tracks performance of different algorithms for testing / feedback. Can automatically cycle through different algorithms based on user behavior, choosing the best algorithm for the current situation


Machine-learning algorithms provides users a personalized % chance they will like an app or game. Each user has 40+ prediction factors based on user's behavior and installed games & apps. Factors and personalized % chance are dynamically adjusted on-the-fly, adapting to the user's actions

Dynamic List

Recommendation system can find apps similar to a given app (or set of apps). Provides focused recommendations matching an app's profile. Can be combined with user factors to personalize results, enabling new methods of content discovery.


Full text search against app titles and descriptions. Many filters available including:  category, price, rating, maturity, TV support, social. Many sort orders available including:  popularity, rating, time on market, social. Search results include the predicted rating (customized for the user)

Sentiment Analysis

User reviews are crawled and analyzed to determine user sentiment. Overall review sentiment is shown as an easy-to-read gauge – much easier than reading countless user reviews, Words with high emotional content ("love", "addictive", "boring") are extracted and displayed to the user. Tag cloud provides a stronger and more emotional representation of user sentiment than a numerical value (such as Google Play rating).

App Stores

App repository extracted from third party app stores. Support for multiple app markets (e.g., Google Play). Localization support for all locales offered on Google Play. Both periodic and on-the-fly content crawling.


Game usage and management. Track installed games. Proprietary algorithms used to identify game sessions across multiple devices without SDK integration. Personal dashboard: user insights and statistics. Fast and easy way to see the games you play the most. Rate your games. Bookmark games for future installation.

Facebook and Google+ log in. Friend lists such as: See what your friends are playing, Browse the games your friends like, Facebook feed support, Location awareness (System can determine games being played near you)


User behavior data is combined with demographic data to provide valuable feedback for game developers. Application engagement metrics - across varying time periods, devices, region, demographics. Campaign performance metrics. Comprehensive analysis of user behavior leading to refinement of recommendation algorithms. Provides the basis for establishing trends in mobile gaming. Business intelligence engine can generate "interesting facts" for notifications.


Support for intelligent notifications, in-app notifications, email notifications, and Facebook messaging. Variety of different triggers available, including user activity, friend activity, and App Store updates. Integrated with the recommendation engine to provide triggered or periodic recommendations.


With hundreds of thousands of apps currently in the Android Marketplace, it can be difficult for game developers to break through the clutter and have their games seen by the public.

Get Discovered. Improve Monetization. Increase Distribution


Pay only for quality installs

Limit your risk by only playing for new users who have installed and opened your game (Cost Per Install). We never incentivize users to install games.

Quick and easy setup

No SDK Integration needed. Simply register your game or games and begin tracking through your Google Analytics dashboard. No banner or advertising assets needed. We send users directly to Google Play for download.

Advanced targeting solution

We expose your games to users who will play your games. No phantom installs or incentives, we target your apps based upon our unique matching technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do I need to download an SDK to start promoting my app?

    No add-ons or 3rd party software needed. We use your Google Play assets to promote your app and drive users to download in Google Play. Use Google Analytics for tracking or discuss other tracking options with your campaign manager.

  • Q. How do I pay for a campaign?

    All campaigns can be pre-paid within the developer dashboard using PayPal. Please email for assistance or to discuss other payment options.

  • Q. What am I charged per install?

    Each install is $0.50. You can adjust your pricing higher if increased daily install volume is needed. A dedicated campaign manager will review your pacing and discuss options if needed.

  • Q. How can I track my installs?

    You can track your installs within our developer dashboard. If you are integrated with Google Analytics, you can identify the installs from Boomerang using source "Hooked" and medium "Toro".

If you have any questions on how Boomerang delivers installs, how we can help meet your marketing needs, or need additional information please contact us at:


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